Are you ready to mobilize your site?


If you are an Retailer, Sales Manager, Manufactory or any Biz owner you will need a mobile site to show and sale your product or service over the Mobile Web. This way, your Biz will be optimized for mobile view and collectors will buy your product or services using smartphones or other mobile devices. Our mobile website designs can be customized to fit your need, no matter what kind of business you own.


Most of our sites are designed to be responsive, meaning they 

sense the screen size and configure the information accordingly. Occasionally a client already has a site designed for des
ktop screens and asks our help in creating a version for smartphones or tablets. Whatever your needs, our web designers are adept at make the best use of the pixels at hand.
Some of the features we include are: 
  • Links to social networks
  • E- commerce built in
  • Menu/ Catalogues
  • Custom designer QR codes – You can customize your QR code to take on the look and feel of your business.

mobile internet accessWeb Mobile works seamlessly and adapts invisibly to:

  • Notebooks and desktop Web-browser
  • Apple iPads®, iPhones®
  • Android Phones®